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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dual Degree Program--Public History/MLS--Dominican University

Question: Upon graduation, I hope to begin working on my Master's degree and the Public History and Library Information Science Dual Degree program offered by Dominican University and Loyola University of Chicago is of much interest to me.  I have begun an online application for Loyola University Chicago and also one for Dominican University, both of which I hope to submit soon, but I do have a few questions regarding applying to the dual program before I proceed.
  • Do I apply to both institutions?  If so, how is it recommended that I go about this?
  • What are the application deadlines?
  • Is there anything else that needs to be completed in addition to the standard materials required (transcripts, personal statement, etc.) that I need to complete?
Answer: Application to the two programs is completely separate. Follow the instructions for each institution. The Loyola program is smaller and more selective so acceptance here is often harder than Dominican's MLS program. Students generally do the history section first and after  a year and a half move over to Dominican, but you do it the other way around or do both programs at the same time being part-time in each.
Application evaluation at the Loyola Program puts a heavy emphasis on your writing sample so choose that carefully to show strong rhetorical skills and an ability to do good research.


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  2. Loyola is moving toward online programs across the curriculum. Nothing yet in at the graduate level in this area, but stay tuned.