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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Admission Selection Process

Our admissions procedure is a multiple level, "blind" process of assessment by a range of faculty members.  Therefore, it is difficult to be precise about why or why not an applicant receives the final ranking score she or he  does.  Through the process, we assess the complete package submitted, including GREs, but also GPA, letters of recommendation, and especially writing samples.  We also consider very carefully whether the specific interests of a student coincide enough with our faculty offerings to warrant the cost and effort required to come and study at Loyola.  We don't want to invite persons just in order to increase our enrollments.

So, as the manager of this process, but not the "authority" over it, I can not be too specific about any particular case.  
My advice is that you consult with your professors and advisers at your present institution about every aspect of your applications,  and pay particular attention to the quality of your writing sample. We do not have a formal, or even informal, policy about multiple applications.  If you feel that your record has strengthened and might submit a stronger writing sample, etc., you have every right to do so and we will consider the new application on its own merits,  along with all others in the coming "season."


  1. While the application for financial aid consideration was January 1, applicants can continue to submit applications until late spring. Does that mean decisions will not be sent out until late spring as well?

    1. All PhD applications must be in by Jan. 1. Since we only admit those PhD candidates who receive awards, this applies to anyone interested in the program at the doctoral level. The review process will be completed by early spring, and decisions will be made as soon as possible.

      May 1 is the deadline for Fall admission without financial aid, which only applies to M.A. and M.A. Public History applicants.