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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time to Degree

Students usually ask what the process is for doctoral students (how long is course work, etc).  Here is what I tell them:
1. If you come in with a MA, we expect that it will take roughly 2 years to complete require coursework.  We have a 60 credit hour program and students with MA usually get about 30 credit hours transferred from their MA (usually but not always).  Then, they do their comprehensive exams in year 3 (both major and minor fields).  Year four, they should defend their diss proposal in the fall and then spend the rest of the year researching for the diss and maybe writing.  Year 5, 6, 7, etc are spend on the diss.
2.  If students come into the doctoral program with only a BA, it usually takes 3 years to get course work done.  They usually get one exam done in year three too and finish up comps and the diss proposal in year 4 and move on to diss work after that.  
3.  Students take a variety of courses to complete a major field and minor field of study.  400 level courses are generally readings courses where students learn the historiography of the field.  500 level courses are research seminars, where students produce primary-source research papers.  These should be the spring board to dissertation topics/research.  Students must take ONE 500 level seminar if they come in with a MA (they can take more if they like) and students MUST take 2 if they come in with only a BA degree to the doctoral program.

4. Students doing the traditional MA do courses in one and half years.  They have to take TWO research seminars at the 500 level and do a take home comp exam in the major field only.

5. Students in the MA in public history have a different program all together and it is best to let Ted explain it to prospective students.  The joint PHD in US and Public history is a little different too and  you may wish to let Ted explain that too.

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