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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TA Information

ESL requirement
Any teaching assistant (regardless of the duties assigned) for whom English is not the primary language will need to take the English Language Assessment Test the week before school begins. If the student does not receive a passing score, the student will need to take the appropriate ESL class during the fall semester.  Please communicate this to any student (new or continuing) who falls into this category.  It they do not do this, they cannot hold their award. Students will be required to cover the cost of the ESL class; tuition awards can only be used for courses that count towards their degree.
Requirements for Teaching Assistants
All new teaching assistants must attend the Teaching Assistant Workshop [in August]. Any currently funded students, such as the Dean’s Fellow or any other assistant who will be a teaching assistant for the first time, should plan on attending this workshop as well.  Please forward the names of all of these students (new and continuing but new as teaching assistants) to me no later than [June 1]. Please communicate this information to the students who fall in this category by  [June 1] so that they can plan their summer.
Any student serving as a teaching assistant should be given his or her Fall assignment and the contact information for the professor they will assist by  [June 1]   Before [August 15], the supervising professor should have secured any desk copies for the assistant and should have sent a copy of the syllabus to the teaching assistant.
All fellowship and full assistantship students receive health insurance.  However, they must register for fall  by July 1 so that they can be loaded into the system appropriately.  Please remind all of your funded students that we do the health insurance drop only in the fall so they need to carefully think through their insurance needs.  Students have until late September to opt out of insurance if they can produce evidence of other coverage.

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