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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Application materials; Admissions: Public History; Public History

1. Is it acceptable to submit more than three letters of recommendation? Will only three be read if more are submitted?
You may submit more than three if you desire. 

2. Do you have any information regarding the average GRE scores for your accepted students for the last fall semester?
Between 550 and 580, verbal.  But we take the whole application into account.

3. Is there a page recommendation for the research paper requirement?
Twenty or more pages are desirable. 

4. Is it recommended to apply for both the MA and PhD programs in Public History? I've had some professors tell me to wait until I earn my Masters degree and others encourage me to go ahead and apply for both. I understand the reasons behind both arguments, but I'm still unsure as to the best course of action. My close friend who attended Loyola as an undergraduate suggested that I ask a professor who teaches in the Public History program. Would you advise this also? If so, could you suggest a professor who I could contact?

 In regard to your question about applying for the accelerated program, y0u could go ahead and  apply for the doctoral program because we make those decisions first.  But you should also state in your personal statement (toward the end) that you wish to be considered for the MA program, if your are not admitted into the doctoral program.  Then, we will know to shift your application over to the MA if necessary.  

If you have further questions about Public History, please contact Professor Ted Karamanski:

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