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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Average Times to Degree

Our MA program takes 2 years if the person goes full time (three courses
a term).  The average time for completing a doctorate is more tricky and
depends.  But I would address it this way.  For someone in the
accelerated program, it can take anywhere from 5-8 years with 6-7 years
being about average.  With a MA, I would say its about the same (5-8
years) but more likely that the person will finish in 5-6 years.  Also,
we give out 5 years of funding and then expect our students to be able
to win one of three fellowships offered by the Graduate School for years
6 and 7 (if needed).  

p.s. Statistics are tricky here because it's only in the last three years that
we started giving out 5 years of funding.  Before that, we gave only 3
years and so our students took much longer to finish.

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